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Terms and conditions for our subscribers

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of our subscribers are as follows. Please read carefully as by subscribing to The Curiosity Library Limited and the subscription fee you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. The Curiosity Library Limited is a company registered in England and Wales (no: 11834778)

Your details

Any personal or school information that you provide to The Curiosity Library Limited will be processed in accordance with all relevant legislation as set out in our privacy policy, which can be found here

Subscription fees and payment

Subscribers to our “Children and Families” package pay monthly, by credit or debit card. Your subscription is valid immediately from the moment the payment is received by The Curiosity Library Limited as cleared funds. The “Children and Families” package is a monthly subscription. Subscribers to our “Schools and Teachers” package pay annually, either by credit / debit card, or by invoice payable within 28 days. Your subscription is valid from the moment that either the credit / debit card payment is received by The Curiosity Library Limited as cleared funds, or from the moment your school is issued with the invoice, depending on your chosen payment method. For both packages, it is essential that you provide us with a valid email address at the time of activating your subscription as this is our primary means of contact with you and the means by which we will accept your order and enter into this contract.

We reserve the right to cancel a subscription at any time. If this happens we will fully reimburse you the outstanding GBP value of your subscription on a pro rata basis.

Renewals / cancellations

“Schools and Teachers” subscriptions will renew automatically each year.

Subject to any statutory right to cancel, your subscription fee is non-refundable once payment has been received by The Curiosity Library Limited.

Should you wish to cancel your subscription, you will remain in a ‘grace period’ and have full access to The Curiosity Library until your subscription reaches the end of the billing cycle, at which point your subscription will automatically end. While in the ‘grace period’, you can choose to renew the subscription at any point (without having to enter card details etc). This is all handled in the interface of the subscription area of the website.

Subscriptions are not transferrable.


Copyright and all other rights in all publications and materials supplied to you by the Curiosity Library are owned by The Curiosity Library Limited. Subscribers may not reproduce, transmit, distribute, sell lor commercially exploit these materials without the prior written consent of The Curiosity Library Limited or to the extent expressly permitted by law.


You must be over 18 to subscribe to The Curiosity Library Limited.

It is your responsibility as a subscriber to ensure that the content in The Curiosity Library is appropriate for your children or class, before using our stories and materials. Prices on our website are shown as GBP.

The failure or delay by The Curiosity Library Limited to exercise or enforce any right in these terms does not constitute a waiver of such rights. The Curiosity Library Limited reserves the right to a) make minor changes in these terms and conditions to reflect changes in relevant laws and to make minor technical adjustments and improvements, upon reasonable notice to you. These terms and conditions shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with English law and, in the event of any dispute arising out of these terms and conditions and / or your subscription, you agree with The Curiosity Library Limited to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. We will defend the intellectual property rights in connection with all content created and delivered by The Curiosity Library Limited.