Blog | 09 Jul 2021

Helping kids understand coronavirus

The virus isn’t going away in a hurry. What do we tell our kids, how do they process what’s happening and how do they stay safe?

With 32.5k new cases of coronavirus reported yesterday in the UK and politicians talking about the possibility of 50k or 100k new cases a day – not to mention new variants (‘Lambda’ being the latest to be flagged by the WHO) - it’s clear this is something we’ll all have to live with for a while yet, even as we prepare for ‘freedom day’ on 19 July and the easing of covid restrictions.

On the home front, two of my household are currently stricken. Both were double vaccinated, so my message to all (in between serving my home’s isolation zones from the busy ‘galley’ downstairs) is “stay safe” and keep practising the sensible behaviours we’ve had instilled over the past year and a bit.

As parents it’s a tricky subject to tackle with our kids. At a time when class bubbles and whole school year groups being sent home to isolate, children are naturally asking questions.

Our ‘coronavirus’ section has a range of gentle and fun poetic stories about different aspects of coronavirus, such as a story about a class of children who the (rather clumsy and oafish) ‘Rona the Virus’ wants to infect. Will her evil plan be successful? Or are the kids just too smart to let Rona win?

Stay safe, my lovelies,

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