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I’m tickled pink that you have an interest in contributing to The Curiosity Library.  It’s people like you with a generosity for sharing their knowledge and wisdom that makes this space so special.

We do ask a few things of you in order to be considered for a spot on our library shelves.  Please take a minute to read through our guidelines before hitting ‘send’ on what you have to share.

If you are cool with what we are asking of our authors, please forward your 500 – 800 word original article in the body of an email sent to me at lanette@thecuriositylibrary.com.  The subject line should be TCL Submission.  

You’ll also want to include a brief bio – no more than 50 words –  in your email which also may include one link to your website or social media outlet where readers can learn more about you.

I look forward to reviewing every article and ask for your patience in receiving a response.  Depending on the volume of submissions at any given time, it may take up to two weeks for notification of whether your article has been selected for publication.

Thanks for taking time to share your work, showing up and making a difference in the world and being part of our community.

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#1: Know Our Audience.

The majority of library card holders are women over 40. They are positive,curious-minded and ready to redefine success so they can live on their own terms and take time to savor all of life’s juicy goodness.

#2: Think Outside The Box.

We value and welcome your professional expertise but also know you are more than your career.  That’s why we also also ask you to consider bringing forward a story from other aspects of your life that fall within our topic areas. For example, you may be a dietician with a passion for nutrition but you also participate in triathlons, are nuts about genealogy, and your yoga practice changed your life.  All of these things would interest and help our members, too.

#3: Stay On Topic.

Your article should fall within one of the topic categories that we highlight:

Travel + Adventure

Starting + Growing A Business

Soul + Spirit

Hobbies + Recreation

Health + Wellness

Reinvention + Starting Over

Writing + Publishing A Book

Leadership + Influence

Productivity + Time Management

Philanthropy + Doing Good

Personal Development

#4: Be Relatable.

Please use a conversational tone and first person voice . Share personal stories/anecdotes. Be authentic and share from positive, solution-focused viewpoints.

#5: Sparkle And Shine!

Proofread your material for spelling, punctuation, and grammar.  Your submission should be print ready. (No pitches or outlines, please.) We do reserve the right to make edits.

#6: Create Exclusivity.

We ask that all articles are original content and are hosted exclusively at The Curiosity Library for the first 60 days of publication.

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