By Jennifer Dunham


Meal planning isn’t always the most fun, but it’s essential for a healthy lifestyle. It can be especially challenging planning for one. Today I’m excited to share with you one of the easiest ways to pre-plan nutritious meals for one!


The best thing about planning for one is that you get to choose exactly what you like to eat. There are no issues with what your spouse or children will or will not eat. You get to choose!


Grocery shopping can be simple and cheaper too! Meal planning around the ingredients is essential and a great way to save each month on your meal budget.


Pre-planning nutritious meals is a great way to save time and energy through your busy work week. No one wants to go to the grocery store every time they head home from work or go out to eat and wreck the amazing workouts you have done all week!


So let’s get to planning.


Pre-Plan Nutritious Meals for One


The easiest way to pre-plan meals for one is to have a list of ingredients you love to eat! Some of my favorites are eggs, quinoa, avocado, chicken, and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. By having this list, I can plan my meals around what I already know I love.


By knowing these are the ingredients I’m going to use, I can watch for them to go on sale or buy in bulk.


Then I compile a really amazing list of meals that have these ingredients in it. Delicious, hearty salads are my favorite meal to make for one. They are great for lunch or dinner any day of the week.


Meal List with Favorite Ingredients


Creating a list can be simple. If you are old fashioned like I am, you’ll print off your recipe list and keep it in the kitchen to pull from at meal planning times. I love to plan the week’s meals on Sunday.


You can also create a Pinterest board with your favorite recipes or keep a folder in your email. Any way you do it, you will always have great ideas with ingredients you love!


Cook One Big Meal Each Week


Cook a roasted chicken, make a pot of meatballs, or a pork loin on the weekend to have your main meat for the week cooked and ready. These meals take a little more time to prep and are best to cook on the weekends while there’s a little extra time on hand.


Don’t Forget About Your Crockpot


Make ahead delicious crockpot meals and keep them in the freezer for the week! Turn them on in the morning before you head off to work and by dinner time you have a great meal ready and waiting.


Enjoy your meal planning and the benefits of having a great home-cooked meal with ingredients you love!


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