By Lanette Pottle

A few days before my 45th birthday, I went to the mailbox and was greeted by a bright shiny envelope announcing to the world that my AARP card was enclosed.

“What the hell?!?” Those are the words that flew out of my mouth. (Okay… truth be told, my language was a teensy bit more colorful than that.)

So the irony is not lost on me that somehow I was surprised when I started receiving less than enthusiastic feedback around my decision to be so audacious as to market The Curiosity Library as “the ultimate resource for women over forty.” 

I was cautioned there would be women who could benefit from what I had created but they wouldn’t engage because they wouldn’t want to be associated with being over forty.

That’s when it hit me: I’ve grown to be a lot more open-minded and accepting in the past three years; I’ve shifted my thoughts on the relevance of the number of days we’ve spent on the planet to our ability to achieve amazing things.

Today what I hold to be true is that age is irrelevant; it’s the thoughts and emotions we place on age that creates our experiences.


Just as wisdom, knowledge, and experience are not exclusive to those over forty, a love of adventure, a fun-loving attitude laced with boundless energy and enthusiasm, and feeling sexy are not reserved for those who’ve spent less than four decades on this planet.

I have friends in their sixties who could run circles around me… women who are competing in bodybuilding competitions and climbing world-class mountains like Kilimanjaro.

I know women in their seventies starting profitable businesses and even jumping out of planes. And women in their eighties rocking it on social media (and teaching their friends how to use Facebook) and publishing their first books.

What I know with every cell of my being is that age is not the enemy; we are.


It’s not about the generation we belong to that determines what we can and cannot accomplish. It’s the stories we tell ourselves, the actions (or inaction) we take, and the ways in which we choose to show up in the world.  It’s the box we place ourselves — and others — in, our judgments, and what we choose to accept or challenge.

Richard Bach makes this point better than I ever could: “ Argue your limitations and sure enough their yours.”


So what do you say… let’s make a pact.

  • Let’s remove the stigma and celebrate women for who they are and the accomplishments they make… not what their age is when they do it.
  • Let’s stop pretending that our fabulousness has an expirations date.
  • Let’s let go of the power an arbitrary number holds over us and live ridiculously vibrant lives that allow us to be our best every day.
  • Let’s shine like the supernovas we are, encouraging and empowering every woman to do the same.


  • Let’s agree once and for all: We’ll stop creating limits where none exists. We’ll replace our fears with curiosity and embrace all the possibilities that lie ahead… today and every day until we take our very last breath.

Lanette Pottle, founder of The Curiosity Library, is a coach and retreat leader empowering curious-minded women  over forty to create success on their own terms so they can stress less, achieve more, and take time to savor life’s juicy goodness.  She’s a facilitator of breakthroughs who believes in infinite possibilities . Lanette is well known for her go-give spirit, positive attitude and enthusiastic personality.  Her superpowers include connecting people and inspiring others to take action.  Lanette walks her talk and lives her version of the good life in small town Maine. You can learn more about her and her work HERE.

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