By Susan Mullen

It’s 4:00PM and you’re startled back to consciousness as the cold air from your refrigerator hits your lungs.

You don’t remember opening the fridge, but your subconscious is searching for some sort of boost.

You may be like thousands of intelligent women, like me, an empath, or one who feels too much. One who absorbs the emotions of others as her own and can find herself occasionally reaching for that perfect pick-me- up or favorite dial-me- down.

It was during my two years with Master Intuitive Coach Institute that I first heard about EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique (a.k.a. tapping). I was later able to perfect this technique at a Hay House Conference with Nick Ortner.

I learned that physical weight loss is just one side effect of emotional weight management.

Our bodies are already expertly designed to retain or release weight just by math.

But, true, long-lasting weight management begins from the neck up.

We’ve all reached for an emotional distraction, right?

Maybe it’s at the 4:00PM bewitching hour of the day where our body naturally starts to dial down.

Fact: Ninety-five percent of our thoughts and actions are automatic, leaving just five percent being truly conscious!

Think about that.

Is it any wonder we wander down the same grocery aisles at the market week in and week out, cook the same meals, react the same way with the same people, read/watch the same media outlets, or reach for certain sustenance at certain times/certain reasons in any given day?

Unlike our ancestors, what is offered to eat is no longer ethically raised or harvested; much is made in a plant, not from a plant.

No wonder women, in particular, are turning to sugar, alcohol and white flour based food-like items as a go-to, temporary physical boost.

When was the last time you took a conscious peek into exactly how you nourish and move your body, {physical weight}, and how you handle emotions, {energetic weight}.

Enter EFT! {hallelujah!!}

So, what is ‘Tapping’?

EFT is an energy psychology much like acupuncture.

Tapping on meridian points dissolves any blocks and encourages a natural flow of energy, also knowns as chi.

When our natural rhythm is blocked, we feel overwhelm, stress, panic or fatigue.

EFT slows the heart rate and allows the body to produce serotonin; our happy hormone. It also reduces the levels of cortisol, our stress hormone.

When we are operating on auto-pilot, we reach for our current drug of {not} choice; sugar, white flour, alcohol, even gossip or treating others and ourselves badly seeking relief or validation.

EFT equalizes our chemistry so we instantly feel relief and can make conscious choices. Physical weight is then able to release with nutrition and exercise.

The Tapping Points:

  • Karate Chop –

It’s where we begin. Take two or three fingers of your dominant hand and lightly tap the fleshy area of your karate chop on your other hand as you state your *Set up statement – Three times.

  • Eyebrow
  • Side of Eye
  • Under Eye
  • Above Lip
  • Chin
  • Clavicle
  • Under Arm
  • Top of Head

Example: You just left the mall after trying on bathing suits. Nothing looked good on your body. You feel fat, ugly, unworthy and/or disgusted. You find yourself thinking of your favorite syrupy, sugary iced coffee for the drive home.

When to Tap:  in the car at the mall.

Create your *Set up Statement:

“Even though I feel fat and ugly, I deeply love and accept myself” – Tap several times on the karate chop area while saying this statement three times in a row.

In the same tapping sequence, move to the next meridian.

Eyebrow point. “Even though I cannot find a bathing suit that I feel fits my body, I deeply love and accept myself…”

Do this through One round of all meridian points.

The next round:

Begin again on the Karate Chop, altering your statement to support your goal or next right step.

“Even though I hate my body, I have deep respect for her in keeping my alive, and so I love and deeply respect her”.

Use your own empowering statements of truth…ie:

“Even though I criticized you, body, I deeply love and appreciate you for keeping me alive so I can be here for my children, family and me…”

“Even though I hate the way you look, body, I deeply love and appreciate You and Me”

….{keep tapping through the meridian points…}

END the tapping sequence with “Even though I criticized you, I deeply love and accept You and Me”.

EFT changes our chemistry and inner landscape so we not only feel better, we consciously choose better.  It’s  an energetic tool that can be used anywhere at anytime.


Susan Mullen is a gifted intuitive and Certified Intuitive Coach. She works with clients in empowering intuitive sessions. She is a writer, bestselling author and an animal advocate; working to equalize the rights of all animals to be recognized as sentient beings. She lives in southern Maine with her family and three well cared for cats. To more learn more, please visit

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