By Alex Sanchez

I’ve discovered there are different levels of serving: a job, a profession, and a calling.

Think about where you are now.

Is it a job where you go to get a paycheck?

Maybe it’s not what you love, love to do, but it’s a place where you can contently go and you are grateful for this. You are paid for the time you work, but some days you wish you could be somewhere else, doing something else.

You look around and think how cool it might be to have so and so’s job or you might secretly get jealous because your best friend is having the time of her life working with therapeutic horses out in the field or your sister in law is a devoted scuba diver off the coasts of Australia and spends all of her time in the ocean and on the beach.

Maybe you suddenly catch a glimpse of your own childhood and remember how you loved to go to the aquariums and see the fish and then you’d go home and paint them.

Or maybe a memory crosses your mind of you singing off the top of your lungs or playing teacher in your bedroom.

As you connect back to yourself you realize that there is a part of you that might actually like to have a job that resembles more of what your inner child used to love and do naturally.

Time creeps up on you and you find you’ve made this job a habit.

Day in and day out you go to your job and by the drift of time it has now become a career so you decide to stay.

The years have made you a master at your job, but your soul and spirit still nudge you from time to time and remind you that there is a deepness within you that calls out.

There is a hidden part of you that longs to come to the surface, like the vast blue whale, whose enormousness is fascinating, but whose presence is rarely seen from the surface.

Maybe your track is a little different. Possibly you have a profession.

Maybe you had a chance to go to the university and now have a diploma that makes you certified for this career or profession.

You took a decision very young in life and innocently listened to the mature voices around you, Mom, Dad, grandparents, coaches, etc. that guided you toward a degree in the popular fields: business, medicine, law, marketing.

But in your inner soul, you still wonder if there is something else out there that would make your spirit really soar? Something that would never feel like work.

You decide to go back, sift through your soul and check in with yourself. 

You figure out that time is passing by and you want to make sure you make a difference in your small world.

Then you discover a calling.

It makes you come alive. It is your natural talent, your inborn ability to serve others. When you do it time stands still. There is no stress in your body, your brain is lit up in activity and you feel joy. You truly just can’t wait to do more of it. 

When you discover this narrow slice of time, you will be deeply blessed.

You will have discovered your precious gem, your mission. It took me a very long time to comprehend this, but I now know it.

My dream job is to be able to sit and talk to people about their potential selves. I love listening to people’s stories, feeling their energy and the rise and fall of their words as they open up their hearts and bare their souls. It is standing on holy ground, it’s being given the chance to stand in the presence of God as His children connect heart to heart and spirit to spirit.

My road meandered in and out as I grew in maturity and as I was prepared to understand that we come here to serve, not to be served.

We are given one special talent to serve others. If we do not express this service to others, we will deny them of our talent.

Just imagine what might happen if I have a talent that you need to grow and develop and I don’t serve you? Your growth would be stunted, would be delayed. Same thing if you have something special that I need to grow and you don’t provide it to me, I will be hampered in my inner and spiritual growth.

Ultimately I discovered that when my job, profession, and calling are all linked together when they merge and become the same, there is balance. I reached harmony; finally doing what I was always meant to do.

Please take a moment to think about YOUR gift. It’s worth the time to look for it.

It’s patiently waiting for you; it always has been.

Finding it is what success is all about.


Alex Sanchez is a wife, mom, counselor, teacher, Biologist, thinker, and a woman blossoming in her 40’s.  She is a life-long learner and is super curious about self-discovery, self-improvement, and anything related to the brain and psychology. She is analytical yet spiritual. You can find more of Alex’s musing on life on her facebook page, Alex Sanchez Insights For Abundant Living. 

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