By Dorena Kohrs


There’s healing in safe places.


That thought jumped into my mind yesterday morning as I was trying to work but was being pulled to thoughts of my new office space.

For a year now my office space has been the kitchen table creating a tension between my professional life and my personal life that makes ease and flow near impossible.

With my laptop, agenda and files constantly at arm’s reach, creative ideas and deadlines taunt me to work during those sacred times reserved for my family.  And with kids and a dog running through the kitchen…interruptions and distractions steer me away from focusing on projects and creative endeavors.

In the end, I feel like all I have succeeded in doing is frustrating everyone and modeled that boundaries aren’t important.

But just the other day I listened to a friend’s webinar about creating your office space to reflect you.  I was embarrassed to show my own office space/kitchen table, but I shrugged it off to not having a large enough house for my own office.

Then a week later, I had this impulse to find a space where I could close the door and nobody could come in uninvited.  A space that would only reflect me and my heart’s desires.

It was at that moment that I realized I had an entire room that I could make mine.  It was a room reserved for unplayed instruments.  A piano, guitar, and cello have been gracefully housed in this beautiful space but have long since been forgotten.  So I turned to the task of converting the once music room to my office.

And as I started dreaming about my new space and shopping for beautiful things to fill it, I was drawn to the memories of all the spaces I have created through the years.  And I began to make a connection between the desire to declutter + rearrange + decorate a space and my transcending need for safety + security + solitude.


Whenever I’m feeling vulnerable and exposed, the need for a beautiful space infused with peace is palpitating.  It becomes an obsession and takes on a life of it’s own.


When I was seven it was my parents’ yelling that drove me into my bedroom to rearrange my furniture for the umpteenth time.

When I was 22 it was moving into my own apartment that had me furiously unpacking and arranging the few belongings I had.

When I was 33 it was divorcing my husband that had me decluttering every corner of my apartment.

And now at 50 it’s moving into the unknown world of entrepreneurship that has me obsessively shopping for things to fill my new office space.

There are certainly those voices that insist all of the decluttering + rearranging + decorating are driven by fear and attempts at control.  And I certainly can’t deny that fear is that thing which ignites the forward movement.  But, as my body and psyche move into the energy of my spaces being altered…energies being shifted…love edges out fear.

My starting places have been fear for my physical safety + fear of living alone + fear of being abandoned + fear of failing.  But the movement in my physical spaces has always laid the groundwork for healing.


Each and every time I have decluttered + rearranged + decorated, I have created something that feels safe and protected.


And it is in this safe and protected space that my healing can begin.  I am able to let go of my motivating fears and let the energy of movement in my spaces gently wash over me.  I begin feeling empowered and energized which leads to creativity and clarity.


As my spaces transform, so do I.


How about you?  Is there something that needs healing in your life?  Something creating feelings of being stuck or fearful.  If so, I invite you to look at your physical spaces.  Is there a place you can begin transforming?  A place that could use some decluttering or a fresh coat of paint?  A space where you can begin shifting the physical energies and marvel at the internal healing that will always follow?


Dorena Kohrs is the owner of Breathing Room Professional Organizing, LLC.  She holds her client’s hands as they move from a place of overwhelm to a place of connection and peace.  She specializes in offering long-term solutions that identify the stories that are hidden beneath the clutter.  To learn more about Dorena and her work CLICK HERE.


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